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Where is the press secretary when you need her?

August 12, 2008

Remember the spring of your senior year in high school?  When you had applied (and been accepted) to college already.  Remember your Guidance Counselor told you that you still needed to keep your grades up – that colleges looked at your final grades very seriously?  Remember that feeling you had towards High School – that “checked out” feeling?

That is kind of how I look at our president.  In his longest trip on foreign soil during his presidency (and the only visit to an Olympic Games by a president anywhere other than in the US) – George looks like he has “checked-out” (or at least the press secretary has…)

Take a look at these photos which can be found collectively here and here in the Olympics photo galleries.  What?!?

Catching a peek at the action 

Um… take a picture please I am an idiot

What exactly is going on here?

Do you think that Misty feels obligated?

Hopefully this display is designed for the people behind him

Hopefully this display is for those seated behind him

what is he doing?

And my favorite … no comment

Privacy enabled photo sharing?

July 23, 2008

I have been testing out brightkite lately and I really only get to work with it if I am traveling (which I happen to be doing this week).  I was in Logan today when I saw an interesting site.  A woman traveling with me (someone I did not know) was also traveling with her dog.  She had on a very interesting “Baby Bjorn” style doggie carrier.  One that strapped around her back like a backpack.  I thought it needed to be posted so I took a picture of it and posted.uploading_photos

Immediately, I sent it to brightkite hoping I would get some discussion out of it.  I then received a notice back from brightkite stating that they could not post my picture.  Being that brightkite is a rather new startup (and probably small in size) I thought that it would not be unlikely that my photo was censored  because it was of a picture of someone I did not know (I am surel that the woman would not be happy knowing I took a picture of her and posted it for others to comment on).  I waited a bit and then posted it again – with a different comment which was less descriptive and didn’t lead to any conclusions about my relationship with this woman (or lack there of).  It took.  So clearly, it was a glitch (or was it).

GPS based privacy(automated)

So then I got to thinking about the iPhone (which I do quite a bit) and specifically about the GPS capabilities of the phone.  Many phones have GPS (my BlackJackII for instance does).  But when you put so many people on the same framework (millions of them) you can start to see paths towards mass acceptance and change.

I started thinking about how this situation with the dog lady could be governed better with technology and I came up with this idea:

Phone users taking pictures in public places would be required to register the  capture range for each of their photos/movies and privacy concerned individuals (with GPS enabled phones) could be notified when they may be appearing within a phone.  If the privacy concerned person would be notified when a picture they were in was posted to a public web site.  They would then get a link to that post, and have the ability to “flag” that photo as inappropriate and the original owner would be required to take it down.

Not saying we need to do this – but it might allow those individuals who are concerned about public exposure a means to handle that when they are either  intentionally or accidentally included in a photo posted to a public web site.