Monetizing Twitter

October 30, 2008

Ok, I think this subject has been beaten to death in the past whatever months but I want to throw another idea out there that I am not sure has been thought of.

What if there was a way to Monetize clicking on links from within a Tweet?

One of the hardest thing to do is to get someone’s attention – especially on Twitter.  I only follow 50-60 active users on Twitter and get more than 20 pages of tweets everyday.  I don’t read all of them – can’t.  It would take forever.  On Twitter you are forced to be clever or in a sense “market” their tweets in order to get someone to even read it.  And this is coming from someone with 50-60 active users – what about those people with hundreds if not thousands…

Here are 3 links that appeared in my stream today which exemplify what I am talking about:

@blakespot: Change. That’s what’s up. about 22 hours ago from TweetDeck

@georgedearing: – This is the crappy part of the trip about 4 hours ago from

@sfsmaus: Bugger all… about 4 hours ago from digsby

Each of these Tweets was a promotion.  More so than posting it to their accounts or to FriendFeed etc…. they posted to Twitter because it was something that they wanted to share.

In most cases (these three tweets as examples) I would have never stumbled upon (hee hee) these links and  would have never been subjected to their sites advertising.  Never.  Twitter is a crucial network for sharing information like this and if there was some way to monetize this I think it would help.

At some level most of the early adopters on Twitter – the one’s that are active – are all mavens.  Maybe not like a Blogger is but in a different way.  We are all promoting something – us and how we think and see the world.  In most cases that includes products.

I don’t know how many people I have turned on to Digsby.  I found out about Digsby on Twitter from @tonyk – else I might still be using that other crappy program – Trillian.  Goodness gracious.  So glad.

Maybe if we could track our influence similar to those silly pyramid schemes like Amway and Herbal Life – we could put a dollar sign to it.

Just a thought.


4 Responses to “Monetizing Twitter”

  1. mikull Says:

    Maybe we should leave it pure… just social interactivity.

    OK, so maybe twitter was always just meant to be a gear – a cog in a larger monetizing machine. I run site X and blog Z. XRSS and ZRSS aggregate through feedburner, and I push that live feed to twitter. twitter feeds my twitter community… which feeds my friendfeed community. twitter also feeds my facebook community. friendfeed populates site X, so all I run is blog Z – all the while fueling up my delicious / stumble / digg / whatever; meanwhile, in the mobile app community…

    Welcome to the machine.

    Devil’s advocate: twitter cannot run as an engine if not enough people buy the car. I’m still going to haunt you with the lack of common adoption problem: geek communities alone do not always make for a decent financial return.

    I like twitter, but I don’t have a lot of friends on, nor do i follow a lot of people. IF Firefox is still only #2 at 20% primary adoption — well one has to wonder how google even overcame yahoo. (I know – the point is it does happen.)

    Fair enough – so my bottom line is still “cog” until independent. My mom understands google but is loyal because I set it as her homepage. She knows youtube, but only visits flickr because my pics are there. She prefers Mozilla because I told her to – and I still can’t get her to understand the point of twitter.

  2. Allan Says:

    Twitter will find it very difficult to monetize its audience and pageviews. However, it has created something of value that is very hard to quantify. Thus I think we’ll find Twitter’s management trying to sell the company sometime soon as this tough economic environment threatens the existence of many startups. Better to sell out and exist in a larger corporation than to die?

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