Will Jamie Lee Curtis blog about her experiences with the Honda FCX – I hope so!

June 18, 2008

I hope you had a chance to read this article which I found on CNN Money this week about the new Honda FCX that is going to be released to the “public”.  Stew on that word “public” for a minute because I think that you will be surprised.

Honda expects to lease out a “few dozen” units this year and about 200 units over three years …

Move a bit further down the article and you see that some of the “public” people who are going to be receiving the “leases” (highly doubt Jamie Lee will be paying anything for this).

  • Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Christopher Guest (Jamie Lee’s husband)
  • Laura Harris (actress from the show 24 on fox)
  • Ron Yerxa (producer for Little Miss Sunshine – and others)

With only a “few dozen” which probably means 25 cars going out to the public I hope people like Jamie Lee and Laura Harris understand their responsibility as fuel cell car owner “community leaders”.  They are the community – I know – but their publicized success with these cars can lead to good things._L4A5119a_lg

Just driving one of these around town to all of the Hollywood happening spots is not going to make these things sell.  True community leaders use tools on the Internet to connect with their peers and discuss their experience and help others understand things like benefit and value. I know these two ladies aren’t being casted in every upcoming movie – but I am sure they won’t be driving it as much as I would.

Now if only Honda would release some of their information on a social network site like YouTube – they may see that the audience they are trying to reach is completely obtainable today.  There is an amazing opportunity to solidify a brand and a product in the younger generation. Those who will tell their grandchildren that they actually drove a combustion engine once.

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