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May 24, 2008

I would like to add the following API to twitter or to have a service that would have made it easier for me today. I have to tell you a short story to set up the situation I was in today.

My wife (Shannon) and I decided to go to Six Flags Great Adventure today to get in some thrills and excitements before the beginning of the holiday weekend. It was to be my first real vacation day of the year (no computer, no cell phone, no work). We dropped the kids off to school and made our way to Springfield (actually Agawam but Six Flags is mostly referred to as being in Springfield).Superman Ride of Steel

We arrived at the park at 10:45 parked the car, took just what we needed (wallet, money, sunglasses, cell phone: wife’s only and the keys) and made our way into the park. We felt like we should have had on our “Hockomock YMCA Band Camp” t-shirts – wholly $hit was there a ton of kids there. Digressing a bit – sorry.

We got our season passes and were drawn inward. No real plan we just started walking as we passed the old wooden rollercoaster and the “free fall” we saw what we had both been anticipating since the day we decided to take this trip about 3 weeks ago: “Superman – The Ride of Steel”. 200+ foot initial drop 77 miles an hour and an amazing feeling of weightlessness at the top of every hill. Naturally I was stuck with everything in my pockets – including the sunglasses.

As we took the first deep everything felt good – wicked fast – wicked scary. We then approached the second hill – “way to fast” I am thinking – “dude we are going to launch off the top of this hill like a rocket” (note: this is where the feeling of weightlessness comes in) – as we were sucked down the backside of the hill I now knew that this ride, the one without the shoulder harness – just the bar and a sealtbelt, did not need any loops – just steep turns and many hills with which to launch off. After hitting all the major humps and feeling weightless about 5 times you head into the “slow-down” area for most coasters – accept this thing is still cranking.

The ride comes to the close after two small humps that still produce the feeling that your shooting out of a cannon – when it happend.

Shannon: “What was that” (sounded more like a yell than a statement)

Me: “I don’t know”

I didn’t. Just as we came over the apex of the last hill a little black thing flew in front and landed in the car in front of us. It was moving too fast to recognize.

Shannon “Your key”

Me: “No”

Clearly the key was nestled deep in my pocket along with every other valueable I collected from the car. My broken sun glasses (casualty of the Superman Ride) should have been proof enough that it couldn’t have been the key.

Alas, after I checked every deep pocket I had – it was no where to be found. The only key to my 2003 Volkswagen Passat – had been eaten by the Man of Steel. So – here we are (after visits to Guest Relations and hearing countless times that they would not be able to search for my key until the end of the day) at the need for my service.

After a call to the local dealership who stated the ONLY solution that I had was to tow the car to their dealership (I am 100 miles from my house mind you) and that they could get me a new key on Tuesday (the day I leave for Washington, D.C. – from boston at 7 AM). Uh… yeah right. In order to save my car and this weekends camping trip – I needed a locksmith.

This is how I would have liked to started my search:

Twitter: I am at Six Flags Great Adventure in Agawam, Ma. Lost my key on Superman ride – anyone in the park capable of helping me? @SixFlagsNE:help

The extra extension on the @SixFlagsNE would mean i needed help. There were thousands of people there that day. Why not connect us – all better. @SixFlagsNE:Line on Superman short, @SixFlagsNE:Batman closed, @SixFlagsNE:need locksmith.

Twitter + equals locksmithI just signed up for Brightkite (still have 3 invites if anyone is interested) and I think that this is something that they may tack on to this – but for now this is for keeping in touch with your friends. I need it to help me when I lose my key on the Superman Ride. I can definitely say that we are headed to this communication level.

When I was at the park I could feel everyone in the park – and I am sure that there was probably someone that could have helped me.

Oh yeah and if you are curious – here is a link to the YouTube movie for the Superman Ride if you like roller coasters I highly recommend this and, If you look real hard at 1:31 of the film – I believe you can see my key – right below the track on the last hill. R.I.P switchblade VW key – I will miss you.


5 Responses to “Twitter: @locksmith:springield:ma”

  1. mikull Says:

    I hate to be that guy, but I will … I was dreading the part of this story that connected to Twitter. If anything, you’ve half sold me on an on-star account, and carrying my cell phone more often.

    Listen, social networking is nice, and the web community is powerful – but neither are substitutes for planning and services. My wife carries the same set of keys I do, and we have road-side assistance. I barely carry a cell phone, let alone something with internet capability so…

    I suppose if you’re online like that, and are smooth like that – well, you’re set. On the other hand, not only am I socially inept, but 75% of the people I know are still living in the stone age. Bonus: I would never post something on Twitter that would let psychos stalking the net that my family and I are stuck at an amusement park. Cool horror movie, but otherwise something I prefer to keep to myself, let along nutjobs and officemates.

    By the way: that scenario sucks, whether the key was lost on a ride or in a rest room. Also, your the idea has some strong merit despite my personal misgivings – like I said, I was that guy there for 4 paragraphs.

  2. […] Twitter: @locksmith:springield:ma […]

  3. notronwest Says:

    Ah – the perfect answer. Clearly, you have been snagged before (or you have the best 20/20 foresight vision known to mankind). So when you go to the store to by milk do you buy an extra half gallon in case the one you intend to use falls out of your hands and breaks on your patio on the way to your front door? Or do you tie an extra spare tire on the top of your car in case you get a flat, use your real spare tire and get a flat on one of your other tires on the way to the garage? I could go on and on my friend….

    You may not see it – but I do – in the sea of people (mostly teenagers) I saw a “telephone” line connected to everyone’s cell phone, smartphone, pda. It lead me right to my answer and beyond. I see us as a truly connected society in 15 years – tops.

    Super-hyper-mega connected – like it or not. As sure as Rock and Roll was hated by the adults in the 1950’s – you too will grow to loathe the ultra connected crowds of the 2020’s and beyond. Sorry man.

  4. John Barker Says:

    Or a) you could’ve had an iPhone and used the google maps feature to locate the nearest locksmith and called them or b) used google txt to search for the closest locksmith.

  5. James Hunter Says:

    Hey interesting post.
    About VW failures, have you heard of the Volkswagen Phaeton? Can you believe it’s basically a chopped up Bentley Continental GT? Sad, but true.
    The VW Phaeton was a unimaginable catastrophe in my opinion, the worst vehicle made by Volkswagen!

    Its Dangerous: Volkswagen Phaeton is a total flop!

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