We are not in Kansas anymore

October 4, 2007

Do a search on “iphone bricking” on any major search engine or blog index site and you will see interesting results. I found these results:

Technorati: “117 blog posts”
Sphere: “27 blog posts”
Digg: “3 pages of articles” – (they don’t seem to show numbered results )
Techmeme: Ranges of articles from September 27, 28, 29 including a headline article posted on September 29, 2007 entitled “IPhone Re-Reviewed (Verdict: Don’t Buy)” which has received thousands of Diggs by readers.

There is even a Wikipedia page called “IBrick” which speaks to this “phenomenon”. And although the article remains un-“wickified” it tells a story of todays technologies penetration on society.

I will be honest, while I may have made conclusions (and I am not one of the over 1 million IPhone owner’s) about what a “bricked” IPhone might look or act like, I was not sure what it meant until I began to read more. And as I look back on this particular decision by Apple to prevent 3rd Party applications on their IPhone, I can’t help but be amazed at how fast new terms and ideas are circulated amongst society.

Years ago (not so many) only a select few people knew what HTML was. Today the word (or acronym as it may be seen) is pretty well known in society. We even use it in our product’ marketing messages to “non-technical” people. And while most people will admit that they can not write HTML, most will tell you they understand what it is.

I am certainly not saying that all 1 million IPhone users understood that on September 27, 2007 when they turned their IPhone on that it may be “bricked”. However there were certainly people aware that there was something wrong when they woke up that morning. More than likely, the IPhone users who did have problems (not sure how many) began looking on the Internet to determine the cause. And more than likely they read a few of the blog posts that surfaced that morning which began to coin the phrase “IPhone Bricking”

And so as stories of the IPhone Bricking incident surface and take hold, I find it fascinating how a group of individuals connected through technology can spread an idea or thought in a common fashion. Like the old game telephone, only faster.


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