Will the Wii get any followers?

July 16, 2007

There is no question that the Wii has changed the world of console based gaming. In a time when the other game consoles were focusing on high powered (high cost) graphic engines designed to produce the most realistic gaming systems to date, the Wii focused on the controller. They have built an interface which has truly changed how gaming systems are perceived, at least for the general public. The question remains though, will their be any followers? Will we see the “gyro-controller” for the PS3 or the “sensor-plate” for the X-B0x 360?

They say that imitation is the ultimate source of flattery so why haven’t we seen more innovative controllers from the other major game consoles? Or, even a new gaming console that no one has heard? I am sure that Nintendo has all sorts of patents on the controller but until the Wii arrived, controllers had not changed that much. In the last two major console releases there were no added buttons or features in the controller.

So, if the Wii is so revolutionary and they have completely changed family entertainment, then why are they still all alone? If the time to production of the Wii is any indication, then it may just be a matter of time. Or, is the Wii simply a fad, a blip on the screen? CNN.com seems to think that the Wii may at some time soon become “the biggest hit in the industry’s history“, topping Play Station 2 (which is currently at over 120 million consoles shipped the Wii is currently at about 8 million) .

While I think that the Wii has certainly struck a cord and expanded the console game systems beyond the everyday “gamer”, I am skeptical about it’s wide acceptance amongst the entire gaming community. Hopefully, the folks at Nintendo have taken the time to produce the killer controller and are now working on adding the graphics horsepower found in the other major consoles.

Amazing Controller’s + Extreme Graphics = Revolutionary.

Update [7/18/07] – I was catching up with some of RSS reads and I found this on Engaget: Microsoft shows off new Xbox 360 controller for casual gamers.¬† Maybe we won’t have to wait 3 years for someone to combat the Wii and begin extending the gaming community.


2 Responses to “Will the Wii get any followers?”

  1. Mike Says:

    But the “gaming” community is like 5% of the planet maybe less. Why would ANYBODY focus on such a small demographic EVER!?

  2. notronwest Says:


    I think I see your point. Why wouldn’t Nintendo want to extend gaming to the larger community. That seems like a great question before the Wii arrived but think back before the Wii. Before Nintendo cracked the code surrounding the extension of the gaming community. Everyone was focusing on the gaming community.

    Why, because with the extended gaming community in 5 years may be a $66 Billion industry.

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