The “new AT&T” creates new ad … that won’t close!

June 12, 2007

We all know that AT&T is working on a new marketing campaign but this is a bit ridiculous. Today on the front page of Wired Magazine, there is an AT&T ad which is missing a critical piece – the close button. Funny thing is, this only happens on Firefox. So if you really want to read the main stories today, you need to head on over to IE. Are we ever going to solve this stupid cross browser issue? How long do you think it will take for A.) Wired to realize there is a problem and B.) That the problem is in some browser detection code which is only displaying the ad on Firefox?



IE 7

Wired Ad won’t close.. unless your on IE


One Response to “The “new AT&T” creates new ad … that won’t close!”

  1. mikull Says:

    one would think wired, of all places, would know about cross-browser compatible code. you can’t blame AT&T- the site hosting is the site responsible. I’ve developed ads for many a site that were quite particular about the submissions, to the extent of developing their own containers. Sure, they’re making loot, but they’re loosing it too when people stop coming to the site because overly obtrusive ads overwhelming their browser of choice.

    2 thumbs down, Wired.

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