The Web is close to living up to its expectations

February 22, 2007

I am here to inform you that the Web is getting closer towards living up to the stringent expectations that we (I) continue to place on it.  Point in hand:

Half way through the fourth quarter of the Miami Heat and Houston Rockets game (televised on ESPN) Dwayne Wade was injured.  Although, it is tough to tell whether or not Dwayne was seriously injured he was taken off the court in a wheelchair minutes (maybe even less than a minute) after being removed from the game.

We all remember (at least I do) the first few times we saw athletes get injured during the game (I can visually relive Joe Theisman and Bo Jackson’s injuries in my head at will).  Even if the injured player was not on your favorite team you were interested in the status of that player.  On TV, unfortunately, the show must go on.  And while the announcers invariably speculate on the health of the injured player (we all do after watching the reply 144 times), they rarely get enough information to the viewers.  Especially, as it was in the case of Dwayne Wade, if the injury happens towards the end of the game.

(here is where I tell you that things are getting better)

At approximately 11:33 PM tonight, posted a news article (god save the CMS) which outlined the injury (slightly):

Miami star Dwyane Wade left the Heat’s game at Houston on Wednesday night after apparently injuring his left shoulder in the fourth quarter.

Wade got tangled up with Shane Battier and grimaced in pain before going to the bench. A couple of minutes later he was helped into a wheelchair and taken off the bench.

He was not moving his left arm and appeared to be in serious pain as he was wheeled away.

He left with 27 points.

Ok, so the report did not have any more information then I already knew, but it signifies the fact that the Web will soon become the source for all information.  Yes, you heard it ALL information.

Thought within a thought
Ok, I am going to try something here — often when I post to my blog I start writing on a topic and invariably my brain takes a few twists and turns as I try to put a thought into context.  [note: as we speak ESPN has shown the Dwayne Wade injury clip 10 (nope make that 12 – literally twice more since I started this sentence – this time with yellow rings around Dwayne’s arm – he is screwed)]

So here is a new thing that I am going try:

Definition: Thought within a thought – a deeper thought about a particular topic which without any real proof becomes simply a thought.  Often, these thoughts don’t require an entire new post but rather then “lose” the thought, I record it.


Let’s say that the Web becomes THE source for information.  Most people may think that this will “ruin” verbal communication or the written word etc… We have all heard about the degeneration of the society.  But what if we went full circle … I mean FULL CIRCLE.  What if the web really does become the place where information flows, however the information is common knowledge, and REAL information flowed soly through the written and spoken word.  Like when people told stories (before the printing press).


[So they have now shown it 2 more times]

Unfortunately, the post (which is now 20 minutes old) has no new information.


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