Social Bookmarking meets Classifieds

October 27, 2006

So I have been using more and more these days. I am not so much using it as a place to store the links that i use on a daily basis but more like a place to store information in a global place that I will someday have time to digest. In addition, I have been very pleased with the capability to “send” links to other people.

I find sending links to other people through is such a better medium then say email, or even IM. It goes into a central repository, they know who sent it to them, they can share it with other people. It just works. I have even found myself trying to get people I know to use just so I can send them a link. It just makes sense.

Anyway I had a passing thought today. I am a bit of “whore”. I want to have more and more people in my network so I am constantly trying to convince people to get an account. Then I thought, well wouldn’t it be funny to have a place where people could post their profile and say something to the effect of:

Technology geek looking for other users to share links with. Must be versed in Web 2.0, Socially Connected, 10 + years experience with the Internet, knows the following terms: RSS, Gopher, Mosaic etc…

Kind of like a Classified or Personal Ad.

I know that I can “discover” people that have marked pages that I have also marked, but it seems a bit weird to send a bookmark to someone that I have never met or talked to before.

Just a random thought.


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