What if Google advertised on Television?

September 26, 2006

So there is this underground marketing current which almost “appears” at will. Think about the explosion of Google, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Del.icio.us – all of these sites are among the most popular on the web without one thing – Television Advertisements. Heck they really don’t have any mainstream advertisements. When was the last time you saw an ad on CNN.com for Del.icio.us? You didn’t – and that is remarkable.

I have seen a lot of ads on TV lately for Ask.com – you must remember them – they were the site which was previously launched as “Ask Jeeves?” – that corny little butler that was supposed to hunt for your information. Well they are at it again with this whole – “monkey” campaign which compares other search engines -with little or no tools – to Ask.com with their “Binoculars”. The tool allows you to “preview” the page before you navigate to it. In this small 150px by 150px window.

And who could forget slogans from other Internet company’s: “Do you Yahoo!?” “GoDaddy.com” “When I grow up – monster.com”. They all spent millions for 30 second advertisements to help launch their brand.

And then there is Google. Amazing. This little search engine came out of nowhere and stole the stage with it’s simple home page, amazing speed and incredible accuracy. They became the most popular search engine on the planet without a lick of advertising. Heck they have even obtained covenant status similar to that shared by the “Kleenex” brand for its “Kleenex” facial tissue. You don’t find things on the Internet any more and you certainly don’t “Yahoo something” – you “Google” it. For instance, I ‘googled’ that story about the… or I ‘googled’ so and so and returned…

Two questions arise from this 1.) What would happen if Google did create TV (or other mainstream media) ads? and if they did – 2.) What would they say? I can think of a few:

“Google – we are not taking over the world – we are the world”
“You’ve tried oxygen now try Google”
“When your Kitchen sink just has to be a part of your Desktop”


One Response to “What if Google advertised on Television?”

  1. mikull Says:

    i wonder, would google lose it’s ‘net cred. (read: steet cred) if it did this? google always worked with being the “hey we made this- here, use it for free” approach, with stuff that actually worked for most intents and purposes. i always though google was really the first web 2.0 idea- something for nothing, fueled by the passion of the people who used it and preferred thanks to it’s lack of NON-commercialism. most geeks praised the simple ad techniques google used to stay afloat all those years. with no advertising leading them to be the #1 search engine, they might be also thinking- why pay for something we already get for free?

    i mean, i see your point loud and clear, but who can avoid google? nearly every site out there has google ads- every geek rss feed is tracking google’s steps- even yahoo uses the google engine. with the now countless alternatives google has developed, there’s pretty much no escaping it. google doesn’t need to advertise- it’s a household name.

    as with a few other items on your list, i would say if the public doesn’t know about them by now, they’re not going to. and isn’t that refreshing? products, so to speak, that prosper based soley on the stength of their services.

    i wish so many other things were like this. and fathom this: google is paying some of it’s top adsense clients hundreds of thousands a month- i can almost respect a company that values it’s true audience’s support so strongly. i’m rambling, and it’s late for me–

    so i leave you with this: imagine if NO internet related products or services could advertise. would AOL finally just DIE? would all those travel websites that all do the same thing merge? perhaps; and if so, would major sponsors have to change the way they advertise? yeah, i won’t hold my breath either. i remember when yahoo was it and google was this thing i kinda laughed about when i saw it at first. one step further: i remember when netscape was the rockin’ alternative to IE. netscape now sucks, and advertises on TV. Firefox made IE it’s bitch, and little things like flock (fate uncetain!) actually get breathing room running on the same code. IT’s MADNESS I TELL YOU!!

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