We are reaching the “Tipping Point” for commercial blogging

September 19, 2006

Some may argue that we have already reached this point but if we haven’t we will soon. From the definition of Tipping Point from the great book from Maclcolm Gladwell. Wikipedia has it defined as this:

The phrase tipping point or angle of repose is a sociological term that refers to that dramatic moment when something unique becomes common.

So after reading this (Blogging for Dollars) article which was posted to the Business 2.0 web site I would say that we are close.

What will happen when sites like TechCrunch (and use the term “like” because there is nothing really “like” TechCrunch) become so common place that the line between traditional journalism (that with which we are familiar to now) and non-mainstream journalism (that with which blogging represents) becomes so blurred that the very ideals around blogging and Web 2.0 become compromised.

We have seen this phenomon throughout history. A good example of this is Punk. I would have to honestly say that I was not one of the early adopters of Punk but I could certainly see those individuals in my school that were. I have seen SLC Punk and read a bit on the ideals of Punk. I can respect the movement. I somewhat believe in it’s cause.

Let’s take Punk on a journey past mainstream. What if in the early 80’s the movement took the entire country by storm. Heck let’s say it takes the entire world by storm. No more governments, no more rules – Anarchy in the fullest extent. In a certain light that would actually prove harmful to the original ideas of Punk. We would no longer “stand out” as individuals. We would all be Anarchists and that would be normal. Nothing special, nothing extraordinary.

Let’s take that same principal and apply it to the Citizen Journalist (Blogger). Currently, the movement is fueled by what some may consider to be to much political agenda in mainstream news. Some may argue that the movement is designed to enhance the current news channels by connecting people of like (and not so like) mind using new interfaces.

Either way, what happens when Blogging becomes so mainstream that it IS the conventional method of conveying the news. Doesn’t that then put blogging at the same position that conventional news today.

Here are some example articles about “Blogging for Dollars”:

PayForPost Blogging
Web site which lists links for getting paid to blog
This came out over a year ago

I read a lot of blogs about new software (see the side bar). What amazes me is how many times I will see a post which is not favorable to a software application be miraculously turned around a few weeks later after the CEO/Founder contacts the person blogging and explains more about the product. Whereby the blogger reverts their original decision. It is already happening. How far will it go?


So here is a good example of a blog doing the (and I quote) – “…sponsor-writeup-catchup week”.

Personalize better with blueorganizer 2.5

In the post the writer clearly states that they looked at the product earlier on in the year and now that the company is a sponsor of the blog, the writer is looking at the product again and giving it an even more favorable review.


2 Responses to “We are reaching the “Tipping Point” for commercial blogging”

  1. I don’t know, if we were all anarchist punk TechCrunch bloggers I think that would be pretty wacky. Heck, I just cut my hair and didn’t even put it in a mohawk. Oh well.

  2. notronwest Says:

    Well put Marshall, I guess that post came out wrong. There are certainly many blogs which are fully capable of reshaping the delivery of information. I have been reading TechCrunch for quite some time and tell everyone I can about the information posted there. I guess I just see opportunity like the rest of us. At some point we are going to have a similar situation where posts from certain blogs need to have a “disclaimer”. The online community has done a great job up to this point keeping it under wraps (and I like that), I am just a bit concerned that’s all. Thanks for keeping it real and helping me refine my point.

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