My highest traffic day ever….

September 13, 2006

Ok, so this week I received the most traffic to my blog ever. You know who did it for me? Steve Irwin. Everyone and their mother has been looking for the death video of Steve Irwin. Hoping that some ‘connected’ blogger has some secret access to the file. I have received over 200 requests for that article in the week span since I wrote it. Amazing. Here are some of the search tems that users have been using:

steve irwin death video
actual steve irwin death video
“steve irwin video”
you tube steve irwin
the actual film on Steve Irwin’s Death
steve irwin death video on internet
actual video of steve irwin\’s death

This is inline however with my recent post regarding the Web and the new medium for history. If that ever get’s leaked to the Internet, it will forever become accessible at some level to anyone who want’s it. Every heard of the phrase “Don’t wish for something you may just get it?”. Half of these people are probably just curious. If (and when), they see the video, are they going to be satisfied. Will they wish that had not seen it.

I certainly am not interested in watching his demise. He was a respectable human being who touched many lives with his zanny attitude and uncanny ability to get up and close with every dangerous animal on our planet. He may have single handedly moved the environmental protection movement ahead 10 years by exposing so many people to the beautiful (and not so beautiful) creatures tha inhabit our planet.

I can remember watching the video of John F. Kennedy being shot when I was in like 8th Grade. It was for our history class. We rewound the tape 10 times to watch his head get ripped apart and to see the immediate reaction of Jacquiline. She was terrified, I can remember it vivdly.

In the near future events like this will be caught on (either some survellience or satellite) camera and will forever become a part of history.


2 Responses to “My highest traffic day ever….”

  1. mikull Says:

    i heard all your traffic was because ‘the’ mikull of had been posting on your site. well, maybe. in any case,

    people are in love sensationalism – in some shape or form. people just can’t help seeing the world around them change, especially when it’s for the worse. i sat up all night watching the news on 9/11 and 9/12. i couldn’t pull myself away. i can’t really explain it. there’s been some videos i’ve passed on- like americans getting their heads cut off by terrorists- but for the most part, we’re visual beasts. we want to know, we want to see and the new generation wants it 5 minutes ago. don’t despair this trend- the electricity of the moment in the masses burns out… but for a select few, at least i believe- it’s starts a fire of innovation.

  2. notronwest Says:

    Yes, while your pressence on my blog as an in depth comments management personnel has certainly increased my traffic…

    I would be interested in seeing how this relentless search for Steve Irwin’s death video ranks against say people like “Danni” and “Paris Sex Tape”. I get the sense that this push to view the death of Steve Irwin may dwarf all other “popular” searches.

    At least with the whole Paris thing the video was actually out there.  People continually search hoping they will be one of the first to find it.

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