100 ways to wok your dog

August 5, 2006

There are those people out there that avoid change. There are those out there that feel that they embrace change but don’t and then there are those individuals that truly embrace change.

I have been going through a lot of changes recently and I started to sit back and think about all of them at once. All of my family changes (kids growing up so damn fast), my work changes (our company is becoming so good so fast) and changes with friends in my life (going on the road has given me a tremendous opportunity to meet some cool people).

My work changes are the most mentally challenging. Our company has changed so dramatically in the past year. Up until a year ago, we were a very flat organization. Pretty much all 18 employees reported to our president. Since then, we have had 4 people leave the company (which is big considering the size), added 9 and built some management hierarchy. Of all of the workers in our office (we have some off site sales people) I have been there the longest. Anyways, to say the least it has been crazy and quite difficult at times.

In addition, to all of the personnel changes in the company, my role has changed so much as well. When all of this change started, I was pretty much the CS Trainer/Consultant. Since then, I moved to Director of Support, Consulting Services and have begun to transition again into a Product Manager/Principal style role.

With all of the people coming and going in the company it has taught me a lot about embracing change. So today I was having a conversation about it with Bob (Sr. VP Marketing/Sales) and I came up with an analogy (I love analogies) that I think most people can understand:

Let’s say you were not a dog person. In fact lets say you really disliked dogs. However, since you were the type of person that wanted to embrace change, you decided that you would let the dog in your house. As you and your new dog got acquainted, you decided that you could not stand it. That it was such a change from your original habits that you wanted to get rid of the dog. But, since you were working so hard on embracing change, you decided to get a leash and tie the dog up outside next to it’s dog house. So, what you realized was that you did not really embrace change but instead forced change outside of your comfort zone. You were comfortable in your house before the dog came, and now since the dog is outside your are comfortable again. In essence, you really never embraced change. You adjusted your surroundings to get back into the swing of your old way.

I think that there are people that truly enjoy change. Or at least they are comfortable being uncomfortable. In fact, there are even people out there that are truly uncomfortable being comfortable. So much so that when they get into the comfort zone, they change it.

I believe that it is these types of people that are truly successful. Especially, in technology and business. The eb and flow of each of these is so phenomonal that it is nearly impossible to be successful and comfortable at the same time.
So when I was speaking to Bob about this he asked me if I had ever heard about the best selling Cookbook called “100 ways to wok your dog?”. I think that this offers a perfect solution to the problem. Thanks Bob.


3 Responses to “100 ways to wok your dog”

  1. Bill Cesare Says:


    Remember our slogan….”what will we change today”. I remember those days fondly, I miss them also. I’ve been reinventing for 22 years…still don’t feel like I’m close to the final form (whatever that is).

    be well,


  2. notronwest Says:


    I do remember those days! 39 Pike and 256 Waterman. The more and more I learn about business, the more and more I liked the Business Plan for ACES. That was a killer idea. I hope Bridium sees the light. It was (and probably still is) WAY ahead of it’s time.

  3. dog houses need not be elegant, it only needs to be a design that makes it easier for us to clean ‘~*

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