Web presence in the new web software age

July 10, 2006

I have been talking a bit about the new web software age and how interesting it is being a part of this whole revolution. I am often struggling to make sense of this whole transformation that is going on. How Internet web sites (software) are battling for attention from users. I also, often try and separate the “technical” aspect (those individuals who knew what HTML was before Yahoo.com was popular) of this growth from the “human” aspect (those individuals who could differentiate HTML from RSS). I ran across two rather interesting posts today. Each one supporting and de-supporting some of my hypothesis that I (being from the technical side) am in a vacuum.

Digg.com still cannot compete with NY Times
This post has been around for a couple of days and has been reported on by a few people. The post that I like the most (because it has fancy graphs) is Hitwise US: Digg versus New York Times Reality Check from LeeAnn Prescott. In her post she talks about how many people have been talking trash about how popular Digg is and that it has enjoyed a serious 50% growth since February of this year. Since they just turned non-technical.

The share of page impressions for the NY Times was 19 times greater
than for Digg for that week. If I put the NY Times on the same chart as
Digg, Digg’s traffic would look tiny and relatively flat, even though
its share of page impressions has grown substantially in the past
several months, increasing 51% from February to June 2006.

Additionally, she goes on to note the top 20 search terms for users who were sent to digg.com:

1. sidekick3
2. chuck norris jokes
3. limewire pro
4. scary maze
5. mosquito ringtone
6. videora
7. digg.com (YES! Digg.com – clearly they have begun to reach the non-technical!)

As of the time of this writing here are the top 5 stories on Digg.com (Not the Technical Category – which is the default category if you visit the site – but the “All” categories).

1. Students used wigs to disguise the wireless gear used to cheat on exam
2. Resdesign From Scratch – first in a series of 50 redesigns
3. eWEEK Labs Bakeoff: Linux Versus .Net Stacks
4. Searching with “find” one of the least understood commands of Linux,
5. $200,000,000,000 isn’t enough. We need more money. Let’s tax the Internet

For me what this means is that there is still a divide between the technical audience and the non-technical audience. So my thoughts are, I am still in a vaccum.

YouTube.com nearly doubles in one month
Then I read about the tremendous growth of YouTube.com. YouTube.com could be classified in the social aspect of the new software that has been popping up. The site is new (founded as a company in February 2005) and allows people to upload their own video. Recently YouTube.com has been signing deals with major networks (NBC for instance) to publish their content. Not quite sure how that will work but it is turning into a numbers game with YouTube.com

YouTube had 12.6 million unique visitors in May (up from 6.6M and so putting it just outside the top 50 properties on the Web), Google Video 7M, and Yahoo! Video 4.2M.

Ok so if that doesn’t put it into perspective then I am not sure what does. YouTube.com went from 2 place (compared to Google and Yahoo! Video’s current numbers) to more than both combined — in one month! Incredible growth. With the Google Adwords on the right, Google just has to sit back, relax and buy YouTube.com at the right moment.

So what this means to me is that there are certain areas of this Social Networking, which is reaching beyond the Technical realm. Real ordinary people are flocking to this site to view video.

CNN.com reports on Rocketboom
Rocketboom is a vlog (videoblog) that has been around since October of 2004. While Rocetboom reports on many topics that are certainly considered non-technical, the fact that the very existence of this site is due to the Internet places it in a semi-technical realm. The fact that it receives over 100K visitors a day means that it is popular. Popular enough for the news about Amanda Congdon leaving Rocketboom, to make the front page of CNN.com.

Interestingly enough, the news about a non-mainstream news service loosing their host making it on the front page of a very mainstream news service proves that we are in some sort of paradox. Some large shift.

I will continue to ponder the change, what it means and how it will effect the technical and non-technical people in my life.

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  1. Dante Says:

    Where can i download the scary maze game with the scary face at the end? For mac os x?

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