Social Networking at a glance

May 24, 2006

Ok, this I think sums up the power – and overall potential – of social networking. We have all heard of Wikipedia (I hope). If you haven't then get your tail over there and start learning. I was exposed to Wikipedia about a year ago and I have to say I am amazed. I am the "author" of a page – Livemark. I say "author" because there are some far better "authors" over there than me. People who truly care about factual information and how to best represent it.

I was working in class today (I have been training some folks on our CommonSpot software here at Cornell) and one of the side conversations that popped up was regarding the "Monty Hall Variant"(Boy do I love geeks!). Anyways I was intrigued so I thought that I would look it up. When I got there I was first amazed with the information that was posted. I am not sure a real Encyclopedia would even dedicate time to this topic but since this is a geeks world …

Anyways, what amazed more was not the article but the discussion behind the scenes about the article. Everything from philosophy about how the article (or original theory) had been presented, how the examples are confusing. The discussion when taken from the web and pasted into Word (at 9pt Arial font) was 25 pages!!! And this conversation had started a little over a month ago. The original author of the page had already archived twice the original discussion about the page. Wow! This is amazing.

Can you imagine, people working on something that detailed for what … the feeling that they participated in something, that they were a part of something that was bigger than them. To say that they made a difference in the digital definition of a term as off beat as the "Monty Hall Variant".

My new quest – how many people even know about this? Who would of thought?


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