I know YOU know … but when will they?

April 28, 2006

I am sure that you have heard of RSS and that you have probably even used it today (more than twice??), you may have even developed some RSS content.  If you have seen it, used it and/or built you … You Know!  You can see what is going on here.  When you look at it, RSS is such a powerful technology it gave Firefox (a faster moving software company) the ability to compete against a monumental giant.
Yeah I know, the tabbed browsing … faster loading pages … standards based support … the security aspects; sure those are all valid points.  Combine those with what I find to be the easiest way to distribute the power of RSS.

Seen this icon before: Live Bookmark Image 

This icon (which IE7 has remarkably adopted to display its "live bookmark" content) will help push RSS to the masses.  The people who _don't_ know.

If you read less than 10 websites on a regular basis then maybe you don't need it.

If you read less than 10 websites on a regular basis then … you are boring … step aside and get in line.

Seriously, though there is a TON of information out there and it is impossible to keep up with it.  RSS gives you what I feel, the only way to truly discover new information on a regular basis.

I have been interviewing some smart people recently and I am utterly amazed at the number of those smart people who know nothing about RSS.  Only 1 of the last 7 people that I have interviewed for various TECH positions at a Web based CMS solution knew what RSS was.  Yes, Web based!

Getting this type of technology (which dates back to 1999) to the masses is critical.  The more people that know what a news reader is (My reader is Sage – more on the Firefox Extensions), the better.

If you don't know … then ask … we want to help. 


6 Responses to “I know YOU know … but when will they?”

  1. The Rooster Says:

    Great Post. This is very much how I feel and what I have been on about a lot. Very much the same vain anyway. Glad to know someone else is on this rant as well.

    Ironic that we use the same template though!

  2. notronwest Says:

    Thanks Roost,

    I know it takes time for new technologies to reach the mainstream individual. This particular technology in my opinion makes it easier to keep up with information on the Web. I think that IE 7.0 will make this more usable as it will be embedded directly into the browser. They have done a pretty descent job describing the process too which will help.

  3. mikull Says:

    o man o man. i have been all over RSS, and can’t live without it. i’m reading it through my firefox extensions- through my thunderbird client- on my google homepage- on my website and through others. i’m writing it, developing it. hell i had it before i even knew what to do with it on mikull.com, but i don’t have the energy to help my friends understand it. yeah, you knew i knew- but i don’t think they ever will. it’s all just links to them.

  4. notronwest Says:

    I knew you knew! You knew that I knew you knew!

    I look at it like this – we have 4 types of people in this world:

    1.) Those that have never heard of it (What!!! Kidding right?)
    2.) Those that have heard of it before but don’t know what it is (No excuse, read, read ,read)
    3.) Those who know what it is but don’t use it (What the hell are you waiting for)
    4.) Those who use it. (Word!)

    I guess what you are saying (and I like it Mik) is that there are those who know it, use it, develop it and are going to be very successful!

    Keep it up man! Spread the gospel.

  5. mikull Says:

    correct me if i’m wrong- but it also seems you have a lot of faith in what IE7 will do for RSS– i don’t have such strong convition. i played with the IE7 beta, and i wasn’t too impressed. i know they are marketing it as a heavy selling point to the browser, but i’m thinking this: people who will pay notice to that push are they same people who already knew that you could use live bookmarks in firefox- so i’m not sure how much IE will do for RSS. i agree with your word on mikull.com though- we are running the show with this technology now. the most amazing thing about it is the sheer delivery power of user defined information now. it’s one of the more exciting corners of web development for me these days.

  6. notronwest Says:

    While I will agree with you that the IE7 was not impressive. The least impressive aspect is their attempt to go “minimal” on the UI – for example you may have noticed that there is no longer a “File – Edit -View …” menuing system. I found this to be the most difficult obstacle to overcome. I can certainly hear people clamering “I want IE 6 back!”

    But, I will say that there implementation of the RSS Live Bookmarks is unique in that instead of placing the live bookmark into your Bookmarks like Firefox, IE will bring you to a page to describe to you what it is your attempting to do. They don’t offer the greatest explination but they do add some.

    It is this feature that I applaued (from someone who does not applaud much from a Microsoft perspective – except Office) Microsoft on. They recognized that in order to propagate this idea to the masses they needed some intervention in the way of directions.

    I know that Firefox has appealed to the Technical people out there and we all know how well Technical people read diretions, but their lack of directions has hurt them some what in that I think that more people that use Firefox would be RSS enabled if they knew what that Icon is.

    I know a ton of people that say “Yeah, I have seen that icon in my address bar I just wasn’t sure what it was for”.

    Side note: Firefox used to keep the Live Bookmarks in the lower right hand corner (where the “Key” for security is) but moved it to the address bar in 1.5 – presumably after they saw that IE had done the same in its beta.

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