IPOD’s are taking over the world

April 11, 2006

Ok another link to mikull.com but this one is cool:

Your IPod and Your Privacy

Very interesting read. I have to say it is far fetched, unless you think of one thing:

We have seen an incredible (almost scary) increase in the usage of this device. We talked about it at the Dev Training. No other single product name has spread this fast in our life time. My conspiracy theory, that "numbers station" stuff… what if Jobs found a connection with that and some nerve center in the brain. An almost "brainwashing" style nerve center. What if these IPOD's are communicating with our brains at a subliminal level and thats why everyone (including folks older than my grandparents) are using them … huh … I will be purchasing my IPod within the week … yes master!

And I wasn't even coming here for this post!


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