Challenges of a CMS implementation

March 15, 2006

Just wanted to give a good ol CommonSpot shout out to the team at Seton Hall. It was a pleasure working with them during the Advanced Developers training. They launched with CommonSpot during the 4th quarter of 2005 and I must say they have a great looking site (and that is not just because they are using CommonSpot). Anyways we had some good conversations that I wanted to share.

One of the biggest struggles with CMS implementations is the multiple number of teams that need to be involved and the differences amongst those teams. In most CMS installs you will have a Web team. These will be comprised of Developers and Designers. The Web team may or may not be a part of the IT department. So if the web team is not a part of the IT department then you have the IT department themselves. Primary role for this group is to manage the Servers. Main struggles for this group is that they most times they will manage the application servers but know little about the applications that sit on top of the application servers. Not having first hand knowledge of the applications causes difficulties because they know little about necessary settings required for performance or stability. The last group which is involved with the publishing process is either the Public Relations/Marketing group or the Communications group. A less technical group by nature, this group is often responsible for the general direction of the web site. However, since in most cases, they don’t Eat, Sleep and Breath the Internet, they have a difficult time understanding what is truly possible for the Web site. In my opinion, the successful web teams out there have an individual that can coordinate all of these groups, understands technology (Not only what is an RSS Feed but uses them on a daily basis) and communicates sound business ideas effectively.

We also had a few beers and talked about some of the new technologies coming out. We all agreed that we are looking forward to the new “Keanu Reeves” movie coming out “Scanner Darkly”. I put his name in quotes because although he was in the movie and did all of the “acting”, the movie is actually a cartoon. There is a really good article about it in the latest Wired magazine if you are interested ( LINK)

I also have permalinks over to Lee and Mike Hyland’s blogs on the right. Go check them out.


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