Back from Minnesota

March 11, 2006

I just returned from my trip from Minnesota. I want to officially thank the Research Web team at Mayo Clinic for a great week. We finally go their production servers up and running on Thursday night. You can see their sites here:


(They also have an intranet and they are all running CommonSpot) New servers, new version of CommonSpot – Sweet!

Anyways I had a few things that I want to post about and it is 12 at night so I am not going to have time tonight but I just wanted to write them down so I don't forget

1.) Trailer Park Boys – 2 posts here essentially – the show is really funny (thank forbes) and google video rocks!

2.) I had a sickening idea on my flight back after looking at my water bottle that I purchased _after_ I passed through all of the security. Sickening.

3.) Google's purhase of the Writely software. Very interesting for the content management space – more on this and hopefully some comments from the team at PaperThin

Well I am going to sleep now, I will have 2 excited boys in less than 7 hours wanting more of my attention than I can possibly give.


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