Do you really know what multiplayer games are about?

March 10, 2006

Ok, this will definately be funny if you have ever (or known someone that has) engaged in TOO Much mulitplayer.  Let me start this by saying that I have (not played to much, but knew someone that did … seriously).  I used to work for this ISP in the town that I grew up (props out to and back when the Internet first started (at least for me in ’96), we had the fastest connection to the Internet (duh…we worked at an ISP) and so after work and sometimes during work (with our boss non the less) we would set up a Quake server and frag the hell out of each other.  We hired this designer guy who was wicked into these games.  He even paid like $75 a month for a cable modem before anyone else knew what cable modems were so that he could play Quake.  He even had a clan and created a clan page where they could display all of their major frags and winnings.  As a side note, he was so good that I think he coined the term ‘strife’ as a way of moving quickly and efficiently in Quake.  Anyways, I have since lost touch with this guy but I can guarantee that he and the others at NetSense would certainly appreciate this site.



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