Coming to you live from …

March 9, 2006

Lets play 20 questions…

I am not at home (I miss you guys)

I am not on a deserted island (love to see you here Shannon)

I am not riding my snowboard in the Swiss alps (get back to me in a week or so…)

I am not in my home state ….

OK, so I got tired of 20 questions, I am in Minnesota, Richmond to be exact. The Mayo Clinic Captial of the world. Currently I am watching a movie (The Island) interesting so far.  I have been working with the Mayo Clinic since Monday and I will be here until Friday. Training them how to use CommonSpot.  They turned over their team and want to understand what it is that they can do to utilize CommonSpot some more.  Fun Fun.
I am getting back to my movie, so …



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