AppExchange @ Salesforce

March 9, 2006

I have been using Salesforce at work for some time now. I will have to say that I have had my issues with Salesforce in general but I have to admit I am pretty impressed with their API's. I got in to the API's when I wanted to expand our use of SalesForce. Since I am not a big fan of the UI and they way information is managed I thought that the Web Service approach would give me access to do what it is I think that they do best "Store Contact Data". Sure there are some great features in Salesforce like reminders and task management and auto email and … all sorts of stuff. But being that I am not a Sales person I don't need all of them. However, since a lot of what I do at work is work with Customers most of the information is invaluable. In general, I feel that their calendar approach is implorable and thier features for auto notification and multi user notification is gross at best.

But, since we own the software and our contact data is so important, I have to play nice. So here is the reason for my post. The App Exchange, is very interesting. I am currently in the process of managing consulting projects that have begun to grow in number. Since I now have to implement a process where each consulting project has stages and phases and resources and contacts and deliverables and on top of that I have to grow the consulting business, I need to start tracking it. I am interested in working with Salesforce data, but not from a sales perspective, but from a project perspective. I will be updating this site with my findings. Hopefully they are good.

Read more if you want … TechCrunch had a great post today.

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